Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts will be holding on the following camps this summer in conjunction with Durham Academy, Duke School and Woods Charter School. All school camps are open to the public, you did not need to be a Quest Martial Arts member to attend. You can register at each school camp site by following registration links below.


Attention all Ninja and kids who want to be a Ninja...The staff of Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts will be offering a one week Ninja Camps at Durham Academy and Woods Charter School. You will learn some basic martial arts techniques, Ninja Secret Techniques, play martial arts games and even learn a little history. Hand techniques, kicks, ninja rolls, evasion skills and some Ninja weaponry will be explored. Parents, your children will have a great time and get lots of exercise during the week. Safety is always our top priority. The staff will emphasize the traditional attitudes of discipline and focus with your children during the camp. If your child trains at the Quest Center or after school with us this camp will help them keep up with training over the summer.

July 25 - July 29, afternoon @ Durham Academy Register Now



Everyone is welcome to attend our Wilderness Survival Camp with our experienced survival and martial arts instructors! This experience will be very hands on and "down and dirty". Your child will practice the priorities of wilderness survival, lost proofing, basic first aid and gain an appreciation for the modern conveniences that we have in our lives. We will emphasize awareness, problem solving skills, communication skills and proper planning through survival scenarios. These skills carry over into everyday life assisting your child in making good decisions, developing leadership abilities and developing confidence in themselves. Our instructors are professionals with lots of experience and safety is always our top priority. If your child has participated in an camp with us before, remember that no camps are exactly the same and we would love to see the again!

June 13 - 17, morning @ Durham Academy Register Now

June 27 - July 1 all day* @ Duke School Register Now

*camp is all day half Wilderness Survival half Classical Japanese Sword 


July 11 - July 15, morning @ Woods Charter School Register Now

Sword Camp

Attention all Jedis, Swashbucklers and Ninjas! Come learn the Ancient Art of Samurai, Classical Japanese Sword Fighting. We will be offering a SAFE opportunity to practice sword fighting with your friends. Safe "Actionflex" foam swords and protective headgear will be used for the training to provide the most fun, high energy and safe camp you will attend all summer! Parents, martial arts training provides opportunities for your child to develop discipline, focus and it's a great way to stay active! If your child has participated in an camp with us before, remember that no camps are exactly the same and we would love to see the again!

June 27 - July 1, allday* @ Duke School Register Now

July 11 - July 15, *JEDI SWORD CAMP* afternoon @ Woods Charter School Register Now

*camp is all day half Wilderness Survival half Camp Samurai



Our Mighty Dragons camp is an martial arts immersion focused on younger students. During the camp, children have fun while gaining confidence, body awareness, and basic self-defense skills. Along the way, these students “learn how to learn” by developing group interaction skills, self-discipline, focus, and respect for others. Classes are designed with the short attention spans of younger students in mind. Leaping, ducking, rolling, and dodging skills are all taught as methods of avoidance, and they will learn modified versions of adult katas. We’ve created elaborate obstacle courses and games to best teach these skills in a way that keeps the energy high and the learning exciting. The camp is safe and non-competitive. We believe in abundance of praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Our young students are treated with respect, and are taught to return the same respect to others. Mighty Dragons embrace the Student Creed and will learn about the positive safety effects of confidence and awareness.

June 20 - June 24, afternoon @ Durham Academy Register Now

June 20-24, morning @ Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts Eventbrite - Quest Summer Camp: Mighty Dragons!

July 18 - July 22, afternoon @ Durham Academy Register Now



Take your training to the next level! This summer, spend a week honing your strenth, stamina, and skill through intensive physical challenges and spirit building exercises. 

This camp is open to active students of Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts ages 10+ only. Surround yourself with like-minded friends and push each other past your limits to break through to the next level. 

Each day will include a full-body functional fitness workout to condition ourselves for the demands of both our art and our day-to-day lives. After that, the camp will take a critical approach to developing our skills in unarmed combat and weapons manipulation Each day will offer a different focus in areas including: 

- Strikes
- Throws
- Ground grappling
- Sword
- Bo staff
- Meditation

By the end of the week, each camper will leave having learned how to train for mastery, with an eye for perfection and a desire to constantly improve upon themselves. "Never settle for satisfactory."

July 25 - July 29 morning @ Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts Register Now